SOS Talisman

The SOS Talisman provides vital in formation about the wearer in case of accident or illness. Information about you is revealed on the spot, like; who you are, who to notify in an emergency, allergies you may have, your blood group and whether you are using any medication.

Are you diabetic? Are you a heart patient? Are you pregnant? etc. It’s all detailed on a unique information strip of non-soluble paper that’s securely contained in the SOS Talisman capsule. The information is all there for on the spot identification.

The information strip headings are in six different languages and emergency staff are aware of SOS Talisman, so you have international protection when you wear this distinctive jewellery.

Often handbags or wallets are lost or destroyed in an emergency situation, but with the SOS Talisman your vital details are with you the whole time. So whether your family’s on their annual holiday or Dad’s on a business trip abroad, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’re all protected by SOS Talisman.

The SOS Talisman capsule is water-tight and heat resistant so your information is protected at all times.

Please note, acidity and/or medications may cause plated items to tarnish. Therefore we recommend stainless steel or precious metal items for diabetic or persons taking medication.

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